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How to Enter

  1. All entries must be submitted online.
  2. Attach one copy of the form to the back of your entry (or the outside of your tape/cassette for broadcast entries).
  3. Enclose a duplicate copy of the form in a submission envelope together with your cheque, entry summary and payment form.
  4. All printed entries must be mounted on foam boards with a one-inch border all round.
  5. The maximum size of all boards must be A2 (420mm x 594mm) inclusive of the one-inch border. Entry forms must be stuck to the back of the board at the top right hand corner.
  6. For entries in languages other than English, please provide English translations (under subtitles for broadcast entries or mounted on the same board for printed entries).
  7. All entries must be submitted with verification in the form of original client letters and media schedules/tear sheets or photographs (for entries under POS and ambient). Please note that non-verified entries will be disqualified.
  8. All entries to be sent to:
    c/o Association of Accredited Advertising Agents Singapore
    18 Cross Street #07-05
    Marsh & McLennan Centre
    Singapore 048423

Specific entry requirements

Television & Cinema

Entries must be submitted on Beta SP or Digital Beta tapes, with each entry on a separate tape. Five seconds of black leader must precede and follow each entry on tape. Campaign entries may be submitted in one tape with all spots edited in sequence on the same tape with two seconds of black leader between each spot. The entry form must be attached to the cassette box.


Entries must be submitted on CDs. Campaign entries must be submitted with all spots edited in sequence on the same CD with two seconds of silence between each spot. The entry form must be attached to the CD case.

Newspapers, Magazines, Posters and Print Crafts

Entries must be mounted on foam boards (with a one-inch border all round) and maximum size of all boards to be A2 (420mm x 594mm, inclusive of the one-inch border). Entry forms must be stuck to the back of the board at the top right hand corner. Campaigns entries must be hinged in accordion or concertina style with one entry form covering the complete campaign attached to the back. If you have any queries concerning entries, please call the 4As Secretariat at 6836-0600 or email rei@4as.org.sg.

Direct Mailers

Direct mail submissions must constitute an actual item that has been delivered to a recipient/pre-determined target group or individual with a specified objective. The piece may be a solicited or non-solicited mailer of flat, digital or dimensional form. (For digital submissions, entrants may also wish to refer to the Interactive category). The Direct Mail piece would ideally be personalised where relevant with a clear call-to-action. Direct Mail entries must be submitted as the actual items in their original form.


Promotional submissions may be of any media format (for digital submissions, entrants may also wish to refer to the Interactive category), but must clearly state a promotion or offer of a tangible or emotional value for a brand, product or service. The submission may be a single item, a range of sales promotional material, or form a fully integrated promotional campaign.


Entries must be submitted as the actual items in their original form. Mounted print-outs or photographs may be submitted for the Environmental design segment. Entry forms must be stuck to the back of the entry or clipped together.

Ambient Media

Entries can be submitted in printed format (mounted on foam boards with a one-inch border all round and maximum size of all boards to be A2 - 420mm x 594mm, inclusive of the one-inch border), video format (Quicktime), or as the actual items in their original form. A photograph of where the ad appeared/located must be included. Entry forms must also be stuck to the back of the entries.

Interactive (Digital)

All entries must be hosted online, therefore do not send any physical materials. Please submit one URL per entry that leads the judges straight to your entry which needs to be accessible without any login or password. For wireless entries, please prepare a demo (PowerPoint or Flash) and upload it to a URL for online judging.

For information architecture and programming entries under Craft category, a rationale must be submitted along with the entry to explain what the requirements were and what’s new and unique about the programming or information architecture. Please upload the rationale to a URL for online judging.

Special Awards

For the Special Awards categories (New Art Director and New Copywriter), entrants must have been holding that position for 2 years or less (regardless of whether the tenure was under the same or multiple organizations and verification letters from employers must be submitted. A maximum of 3 pieces of work are allowed per person.


Television & Cinema

AD/A01 Television (any length) – Single/Campaign
AD/A02 Cinema (any length) – Single/Campaign
AD/A03 Community Service and Charity (any length) – Single/Campaign

Craft in Television & Cinema

AD/B01 Animation or computer generated imagery – Single/Campaign
AD/B02 Editing – Single/Campaign
AD/B03 Direction – Single/Campaign
AD/B04 Soundtrack/Music – Single/Campaign
AD/B05 Cinematography – Single/Campaign


AD/C01 Magazines (B&W or colour) – Single/Campaign
AD/C02 Newspapers (B&W or colour) – Single/Campaign
AD/C03 Community Service and Charity – Single/Campaign

Ambient Media

AD/D01 Ambient Media – Single/Campaign

Integrated Communication

AD/E01 Integrated Campaign
AD/E02 Integrated Campaign - Community Service and Charity


AD/F01 POS – Single/Campaign
AD/F02 Outdoor Transit (eg. buses, trains, taxis, etc) – Single/Campaign
AD/F03 Outdoor Non-Transit (eg. bus shelters, billboards, tracksides, etc) – Single/Campaign

Print Craft

AD/G01 Copywriting – Single/Campaign
AD/G02 Typography – Single/Campaign
AD/G03 Art Direction – Single/Campaign
AD/G04 Photography & Image Manipulation – Single/Campaign
AD/G05 Illustration – Single/Campaign


AD/H01 Radio (any length) – Single/Campaign
AD/H02 Community Service and Charity (any length) – Single/Campaign


Literature & Editorial

DE/A01 Books & Book Covers
DE/A02 Brochures
DE/A03 Newspapers
DE/A04 Catalogues & Magazines
DE/A05 Annual reports
DE/A06 Leaflets
DE/A07 Posters – Single/Campaign
DE/A08 Other items (calendars, greeting cards, invitations, menu, point of sale)
DE/A09 Self Promotion


DE/B01 Packaging

Corporate Identity

DE/C01 Corporate Identity system
DE/C02 Stationery range
DE/C03 Logo

Environmental Design

DE/D01 Retail, Industry & Workplace, Residential, Public spaces
DE/D02 Exhibition design
DE/D03 Applied Graphic design

Design Craft

DE/E01 Art Direction – Single/Campaign
DE/E02 Copywriting – Single/Campaign
DE/E03 Typography – Single/Campaign
DE/E04 Photography & Image Manipulation – Single/Campaign
DE/E05 Illustration – Single/Campaign

Special Awards

Special Awards

SP/01 New English Language Copywriter (Advertising/Interactive/Direct Marketing/Design)
SP/02 New Art Director (Advertising/Interactive/Direct Marketing/Design)


Websites & Micro-sites

IN/A01 Business to Business
IN/A02 Business to Consumer
IN/A03 E-Commerce
IN/A04 Self Promotion
IN/A05 Services (News, Reviews, Blogs, Advice, etc.)
IN/A06 Community Service and Charity


IN/B01 Integrated Campaign (Containing 3 or more pieces across various online media)

Digital Advertising

IN/C01 Banners (Fixed)
IN/C02 Banners (Dynamic)
IN/C03 Mobile (Games, Applications and Sites)
IN/C04 Viral Films and Videos
IN/C05 Viral Marketing
IN/C06 Email
IN/C07 Branded Games
IN/C08 Tools and Applications

Interactive Craft

IN/D01 Art Direction
IN/D02 Sound Design
IN/D03 Copywriting
IN/D04 Interface and Navigation
IN/D05 Animation, Video and Motion Graphics
IN/D06 Programming / Scripting
IN/D07 Typography
IN/D08 Illustration and Graphic Design

Other Digital Channels

IN/E01 Other Digital Channels (Includes Interactive TV, Kiosks, etc.)

Odd & Wonderful

IN/F01 Odd and Wonderful (Unconventional, fresh perspective in thought, offbeat, weird, etc.)

Direct Mail

Flat Direct Mail

DM/A01 Low volume (Mailings that have a mail run of 500 and less)
DM/A02 High volume (Mailings that have a mail run of 500 plus)

Dimensional Direct Mail

DM/B01 Low volume (Mailings that have a mail run of 500 and less)
DM/B02 High volume (Mailings that have a mail run of 500 plus)


DM/C01 Electronic Mailers

Direct Mail Craft

DM/D01 Copywriting
DM/D02 Art Direction
DM/D03 Illustration
DM/D04 Typography
DM/D05 Photography


Promotions Campaign

PS/A01 Integrated Promotional campaign
PS/A02 Single Promotion
PS/A03 Sale Promotional (Point-of–sale)

Promotions Craft

PS/B01 Copywriting
PS/B02 Art Direction
PS/B03 Illustration
PS/B04 Typography
PS/B05 Photography
PS/B06 Image manipulation


The awards are open to all 4As agencies and any other advertising-related, non-4As organisations. To be eligible, all entries must be developed in Singapore and featured in Singapore or regional/international media between 1 September 2008 - 30 May 2010. Entries developed out of Singapore are not eligible.

Entries submitted for previous CCA competitions are not eligible.

Entries which are deemed by the jury to be local adaptations of existing international material will be disqualified. Existing international material is defined as work in any medium whose executional core (concept, layout and subject matter) is known to have been previously published outside Singapore for the same client.

Entries must be submitted in the same size and format as they appeared in the medium except for large executions eg. outdoor ads, whole buses, whole trains, etc (to be resized to fit on A2 boards). Campaign entries must consist of at least three, but no more than six items.

Integrated Communications campaigns must include work from at least three different media except for Promo which only needs minimum 2 marketing disciplines.

If an entry has been submitted under the Community Service and Charity category, it is not allowed to be entered into other categories except for craft.

All entries must conform to the Singapore Code of Advertising Practice. Any execution barred from publication or broadcast under rulings based on these codes is not eligible.

Entries are not returnable. The 4As reserves the right to use or reproduce the work of all accepted entries for the awards presentation, in the publishing of the Awards Annual and in any other industry-related or educational activities. Fees paid are not refundable for any reason including disqualification.

All entries must be accompanied by a crossed cheque covering all fees for the entries and made payable to “The 4As Limited”.


Entry Type 4As Members Non-Members
Single Entry S$180.00 S$250.00
Campaign Entry S$230.00 S$300.00
Integrated Communications Campaign S$420.00 S$480.00
Special Awards (Per Person) S$200.00 S$300.00
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Valerie Cheng The Chairman

Valerie started her career specializing in digital but her portfolio has evolved to include CRM and more integrated creative solutions. Graduated from the school of visual communication, her traditional advertising fundamentals has made it easy for her to take ideas across various mediums. Armed with over 14 years experience working with a range of local, regional and international clients, including Singapore Airlines, EDB, PSB, SilkAir, Hewlett Packard, Tiger Beer, SAP, United Overseas Bank (UOB), Visa and Procter & Gamble, she now leads Publicis Modem as Executive Creative Director to provide a fully integrated core offering across both the Publicis and Modem portfolio of clients.

She is a member of the Creative Advisory Panel for the Association of Accredited Advertising Agents Singapore (4AS) and also a member of the The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (IADAS) who runs the Webby Awards.

Valerie have made her mark in One Show, London International, Effies, Golden Drum, Media Spikes, Webby’s, John Caples, Digital Media Awards and New York Festivals. Her years of experience and knowledge has also earned her the recognition as a judge for many local, regional and international award shows such as Crowbars, Creative Circle Awards, Media Spikes, Midas, Effies, Adfest and Webby Awards

Ng Tian It Head of Advertising Jury

Arguably one of the best change agents in the business, Singapore-born Ng Tian It has this uncanny ability to make the impossible possible.

The meteoric turnaround of ailing brands like McCann Erickson and Batey has cemented his reputation as a master steward of agencies engulfed in rocky seas.

Tian It’s amiable and relaxed demeanour belies a steely resolve and resilience honed from the day he graduated from Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles with a degree that had nothing to do with advertising. Unfazed by the handicap, he went on to become the Best New Art Director in the Singapore Creative Circle Awards 1996 and winner of all coveted international, regional and local creative awards soon after.

Never one to contend with status quo, Tian It has embarked on the herculean challenge of bringing China advertising to the world stage, by moving to Shanghai to become the Executive Creative Director of Lowe China in 2007.

In January 2010, Lowe Worldwide has decided it’s time for Tian It to take his place on the world stage by naming him the Global Creative Director of its prized Unilever Clear haircare brand. While the new role requires him to relocate back to Singapore, Tian It is also entrusted with leading the local office as its Chief Creative Officer.

Pann Lim Head of Design Jury

Pann Lim believes that design and advertising without an idea is a sin.

It is with this belief he has devoted his time to creating ideas that have won him over 200 industry awards.

Because of his passion, he has been nominated as Singapore's Most Influential Creative Director by the IAS for three years. Currently ranked 11th in Australasia by Campaign Brief THE WORK, Pann has also been representing Kinetic as a judge at local and international award shows from Singapore Creative Circle Awards, Kancil Awards, Clio and D&AD Awards. 11 years of experience in design and advertising has seen Pann on brands like Mini, Nike, Nokia, Levi's, Zuji etc. He is also a founding member of The Design Society, a Singapore registered non-profit organisation that aims to educate, proliferate and archive graphic design in Singapore.

Melvyn Head of Interactive Jury

Recently named one of the Rising Stars under 35 by Marketing Magazine, Melvyn is Creative Director and winner of the coveted Ogilvy Giant Award at Ogilvy & Mather Singapore. His wide-ranging projects include campaigns for SingTel, Unilever, Levi’s and digital installations for Nike, all of which won him accolades and awardsat effectiveness and creative award shows. He defines the Nike TrackBall interactive wall as one of his capstones.

When he’s not spending time on his über sexy iPhone and game consoles, he makes up list of “Top Ten Favorite _ _ _ of the Year” (think babes, music and film). The film, ‘Let The Right One In”, an original love story, horror film and social drama by Swedish writer John Ajvide Lindqvist tops his film’s category today.

Steve Llewellyn Head of DM & Promo Jury

Steve has over 17 years of integrated marketing and design experience. He first started out in Wales and later joined the Marketing Store Worldwide in the UK, working on promotional, direct marketing and design solutions for Bass Breweries with brands such as Grolsch, and the launch of Carling Premier into the UK market. He also worked with Barclays Bank, Do-It-All, and Nurofen.

In 1996 Steve moved to Singapore and has spent the past 14 years in Asia.

Steve joined TEQUILA Singapore and through a 9 year tenure, successfully enjoyed working with brands such as DBS Bank, Visa International, Martell, Chivas Regal, StarHub, Shell, Sentosa, Palm, Standard Chartered Bank, Rothmans, ESPN Star Sports, and Philips Consumer Electronics. In 2003, Steve moved to Hong Kong to help establish TEQUILA Hong Kong and build the creative offering with TBWA. While there, he oversaw and worked on projects for Heineken Hong Kong, including the highly successful and award winning integrated launch of Heineken-ito. Further to his role as Creative Director for TEQUILA, Steve managed the entire TEQUILA and TBWA agency creative process—liaising with all department heads to ensure streamlined efficiencies, productivity and integration. Steve returned to Singapore in 2006 and joined 141 Worldwide as ECD and later became ECD of Bates141. He enjoyed almost 4 years at Bates141 working with Heineken International, Nokia, Ben & Jerry’s, HP, F&N, S&W, NCPG, Sony, Resorts World Singapore, Johnson & Johnson, Sunsilk, Kraft and NHB.

Steve is a strong believer in effective creative and has won many accolades for his work.

Steve is on the Creative Advisory Panel for the 4As, and is a regular judge at the Media Awards, CCAs, PMAAs and Effies.

A proud Welshman, Steve is also a former Singapore National rugby player, an avid runner & sports enthusiast and is currently undertaking a National coaching course.

Creative Circle Awards

Since 1980, the Creative Circle Awards (CCA) has been instrumental in pushing creativity to the edge and in the process raising the creative bar year after year. Over the past years, CCA have challenged local industry professionals and helped Singapore grow its reputation as one of the world leaders for print advertising. The winning entries bear testimony to the high standards that CCA is known for and most of our top award winners have gone on to capture awards in international shows such as Cannes International Advertising Festival, Clio Awards, The One Show, D&AD and many others.

Organised by the Association of Accredited Advertising Agents Singapore (4As), the awards encompasses all aspects of creative communications with awards given out in five major disciplines - Advertising, Design, Promotions, Direct Mail and Interactive.

The award presentation or more popularly known as The Gong Show is a well celebrated event of the Singapore ad industry. As the Oscars of the industry, it has consistently attracted some 1,000 people coming together each year to celebrate and recognise the creativity and craftsmanship of our top advertising talents.


The Association of Accredited Advertising Agents Singapore (4As) has taken a big step to further champion the standard and interests of the advertising and marketing communications industry, as well as its creative professionals by appointing its first Creative Advisory Panel. The panel will serve as an expert resource for the 4As to identify, develop and maintain the highest level of creative standards for the industry as well as advise the 4As’ Executive Committee on issues and matters relating to the creative sector, such as establishing rules and regulations for creative and award events organized by the 4As.

To find out more about the 4As, click here.